Foods that we eat and their relationship to health


Welcome to the Food Research website. This website will continue to grow and be a consolidation of our many years of experience in food intake studies. We have developed software to address all aspects of such studies and plan to follow the structure of the software to explain how to generate accurate and scientific data. The software (with testimonials and blogs) is called CANDAT and can be found here.

Among other topics this web site will address:

  • Instruction on how to gather consumption data
  • Links to nutrient databases
  • Links to software
  • Requirements for software
  • How to use software
  • How to analyze nutrient data once gathered
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs

Various utilities, newsletters and software will be made available, mostly for free. Please register now using our free subscription level. This will put you on our list of people to notify, will give you access to our detailed content and will allow you to download and use the free food profile utility.