Foods that we eat and their relationship to health

Publish or Perish!

  • To share, through articles and links, our many years of experience in food intake research. We have supported researchers by continuing to develop software to make their task easier (possible!). We also have been able to provide study design  and data management advice. Our users have been able to take their studies to successful completion.
  • To document and train individuals on the use of CANDAT. This is the software developed to meet researcher needs and is the skeleton we have used to write articles on how to do food research.
  • To provide easy access to the free trial version of CANDAT. We are also providing a food profile software which allows you to view nutrient information for foods in both the Canadian and the USDA food files. Both of those are available for download or purchase by following the links on these pages.  We are fanatical about support. We strive to ensure the success in food research for all of our clients.