Foods that we eat and their relationship to health

View food and meal descriptions by pressing “F1” over the code

When reviewing data input it is now possible to see the descriptions of the food and the meal codes that have been entered. Pressing the “F1” key at the top left of the keyboard will show the description for about 2 seconds. If that is too long for you simply press another key. A quick way to go through all your input for foods is to simply go to the first food code, press F1, glance at the result and then press the arrow down key to go to the next food. You will need to press the arrow down key twice (if you are fast), once to remove the description of the active food and once to go to the next food. Pressing “F1” again shows you that food’s description. It can become a quick two finger action, very efficient.

The time the description is shown can vary. You can set a longer time using the system message utility. Again, pressing any key will remove the description and allow you to proceed.

The F1 key has also been implemented for the quantity field. Pressing F1 while in that field will show the food quantity in grams and its energy value based on the quantity and unit codes entered.