Foods that we eat and their relationship to health

Scientific paper structure

As a review for some of you and as an introduction to others, the structure of a scientific paper consists of the following:

  • Literature review – This is where you review studies that have led you do your own study, either in support or denial or the articles reviewed or simply to add to the knowledge of those articles.
  • Method  – This is where you should how you structured your study, how you collected and compiled the data and how statistics were derived. This is where you mention Candat and the statistical package used. Make sure to reference both of these sources in your list of references.
  • Results – This is where you report your findings.
  • Discussion – This is where you describe how your findings act so support, deny or add to the scientific literature.
  • Conclusion – This is where you make a short statement about your results, where it fits in the literature and suggestions for further study (this might be the intro to your next paper).
  • References – This is where you list all of the papers you sited as well as the tools (software) you may have used.
  • Summary – This is where you put the essentials of the paper to motivate people to read it. The Summary is usually the first thing that people read from a paper and is usually printed at the beginning.