CANDAT – with support for one month




A full system allowing you to control all aspects of food and nutrient research for individuals or groups.

CANDAT a food intake nutrient research software is a system which will “hand-hold” you through the whole process of gathering and reporting on food intakes. Result files can be exported for further analyses in spreadsheets (such as Excel) or statistical packages (such as SAS or SPSS). This is the tool to get if you are serious about food intake nutrient calculations for research.

All of the above also applies to food history questionnaires. You can also define and print your own questionnaires.

CANDAT includes both the most recent Canadian Food file (CNF2015) and the most recent USDA food file (USDA SR28).

This is the 64 bit installation. To install simply download the executable install file. Run this install file in the way you would run regular installs on your computer.

Do not hesitate to call for support, we are happy to guide you and answer all your questions.