Candat has been tested in many computer environments and functions well on all computers, both Windows PCs and Apple computers. There are 2 versions of Candat, one for 32 bit computers and one for 64 bit computers.

These same versions also work on Apple computers. Apple has conveniently developed and provides for free a software called Bootcamp. Installing Bootcamp on your Apple computer creates a Windows PC partition which is no different than a regular Windows PC computer. Bootcamp gives you the best of both worlds.

Once you have installed a Bootcamp partition you need to install Windows within it.  It does require a legal Windows environment. This requires the purchase of a Windows install disk. We purchased one for our test environment from TigerDirect for about $100.00. Our first time install, including testing of Candat in the new environment, took about 3 hours. A second install on another computer, given our experience on the first, should take less than an hour.

The links below will guide you to the selection and installation of the proper Bootcamp and Windows versions. Our test computer was a modern Apple computer which came with Bootcamp Assistant installed as a utility. We only needed to partition the computer and install the Windows software. We chose to purchase and install Windows 8, the 64 bit version. We then downloaded the  Candat trial version, tested it and it performed beautifully.

We are willing to refund the purchase of the Windows software for all our Apple clients. Of course, this does not extend to the trial version products as you are not yet clients. We suggest you install Bootcamp and Windows, at the very least you will be left with two computers in one. A second alternative is to find a Windows computer (even old ones support Candat well) and try Candat there. Once you have decided that you want Candat you can proceed to modify your Apple computer and purchase Candat (at a Windows purchase discounted price) and install it there.


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