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Menus – Recipes

These choices bring you to the recipe area of CANDAT.


These choices are documented separately. Click on either menu to activate the relevant page.

CANDAT – main menu

Home menu presented by CANDAT. From here you can choose the task area in which to work.

This menu screen also gives information about the active environment and a few navigation hints.

All menus can be selected by simply pressing the Enter key once a choice has been hightlighted. One can also just type the first character of the menu. In this case, pressing “1” would choose “Food file maintenance and listings”. Pressing the Esc key always chooses the last option of the menu. Repeated pressing of this key is a good way to quickly exit from CANDAT.

CANDAT menus

Main menu





Food file maintenance and listing


Table and category definition


Subject file maintenance and reports


Recipe file maintenance and reports


Questionnaire definition and input


General file utilities

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