About Us

Godin London Incorporated LogoA computer software and food research company GLi has been supporting professionals in nutrition for many years. With an elaborate remote support system in place GLi clients have always been able to meet their nutrient research goals.

The principal at GLi, Gaëtan (see resume) , has made use of CANDAT, the GLi software, in delivering results for clients directly (GLi did the work) or indirectly (the client bought the software and did the work). CANDAT has a long history and has matured to a product that satisfies client needs. In the rare occasion that a client has a need that is not met by CANDAT GLi satisfies that need either by programming the solution directly or by providing advice in the use of CANDAT that satisfies the need (for instance, using subject recalls was quite effective at creating nutrient profiles for menus on a per week basis).

GLi provides software as well as advice on practical study design, data management and statistical analyses.

We love this field and the constant challenges that it presents. Client satisfaction  is our fanatical pursuit.

For a project that requires nutrient calculations and effective use of the results, this is the place to be.

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