Introduction – Nutrient intake

In this series of articles we will take you through the process of managing food intake data. We will take each of the topics mentioned above and listed below and explain their contribution to food research and why they are important so that researchers can manage the large amount of data that is always generated.

The broad topics to be covered are:

  1. Food databases
  2. Nutrient lists, Recommended daily intakes, Food groups
  3. Subject databases
    • Data input
    • Data Validation
    • Reporting
  4. Recipe databases
    • Data input
    • Data validation
    • Reporting
    • Conversion to food files
  5. Food History Questionnaires
    • Definitions and management of questions
    • Data input
    • Conversion to intake data
    • Reporting

The articles on this site will deal with these topics in turn, including interesting techniques that were developed along the way. Enjoy the journey.

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