Foods that we eat and their relationship to health

First Steps

This course is based on the software CANDAT.  You will get maximum benefit using it while you read the content. The following steps are suggested as a good way to proceed, not just with CANDAT but with any software.

  1. Installation
    • For CANDAT
      • go the the website,
      • navigate to one of the trial versions,
      • go through the purchase process (at no cost – use the “free” coupon),
      • download the installation file,
      • run the install
  2. Opening
    • Find the CANDAT icon on your desktop and open it (click, double click depending on your system)
    • The first options will ask you for an activation code. Just ignore these for the trial version (Press Enter or Esc) until you get the first CANDAT menu
    • Congratulations,  you are now in the CANDAt software. It should open in its own window on your computer.  You should see the following options:
    • Examine this screen carefully. There is not much to absorb here but the information below the menu of modules will give you the first navigation instructions and tell you which database(s) are open.
    • A quick note here… to choose a menu item either type in its first character (here, a 1,2,3,4,5, 6 or .)  or move the cursor to the menu item desired and press Enter. A general rule is that pressing Esc will take you to the last item in the menu. This will take you to the previous menu or to a prompt to exit the system.
  3. First tests
    • Look at the distribution of nutrients over the foods in the databases for:
      • Familiarity
      • Use of the prompts
      • Awareness of extent of database
    • Look and list the table of nutrients with limits for:
      • Understanding the definition of each nutrient
      • being able to add your own
      • having documentation of nutrient codes
    • Enter and analyze a subject recall:
      • this is one of the major tasks you will be doing with Candat
      • once you have entered a few recalls you will be familiar with the prompts and the data needed
      • you will understand how to choose the nutrients you wish to see
      • you will know how to check your data
      • you will see the multitude of reports that are available
      • you will see how easy it is to export your results and view them in a spreadsheet or statistical analysis program

Once you have accomplished these simple tasks you will feel a degree of comfort with Candat and the ensuing empowerment it brings to your nutrition research. Remember, we are there to help you in all these steps and beyond. It is what we do.