Foods that we eat and their relationship to health

Canadian Nutrient File 2015 (CNF2015)

Health Canada is happy to announce that the thirteenth edition of the Canadian Nutrient File containing data on 5690 food items for up to 152 food components is now available on their website at:

CANDAT is now also supporting version 2015. I can be downloaded from our site at:

  Since the release of the 2010 CNF, the following food categories have been sampled and analyzed through their Sampling and Nutrient Analysis Program for Canadian food samples.  The results have been added to the CNF database.

· ready-to-eat breakfast cereals
· yogourts
· processed cheese products
· sausages
· wieners
· deli-meats
· commercial breads
· babyfoods – infant cereals and jarred foods
· soups – condensed and ready to eat
· margarines
· energy drinks
· vitamin waters

A major focus of this effort was to update foods which are major contributors of sodium to the diet.

In addition, changes include those adopted by USDA since SR22 (SR 23-27) which were appropriate for addition of foods and/or nutrients as data became available.  

The entire database of relational files is available for download.  The database is also available in Microsoft Access format.  In addition, one can download update files (add, change, delete) which indicate changes since the 2010 version.  

For those who prefer to use the online searchable program, it has also been updated with the CNF 2015 database.